Hulu+ Fail

As I mentioned before, my wife and I finally pulled the plug on cable. We had gone down to a very basic package but realized we don’t even need that since the signal at our house is so strong. We have been on Netflix for a long time and then, with the cable canceled, added Amazon Prime. There are some movies there we don’t get streaming on Netflix, plus free two-day shipping and the potential for the Kindle Lending Library.

It doesn’t mean we don’t watch tv. Most evenings, by the time the kids are in bed, there just isn’t time for a movie. We usually have some tv show queued up. It has been fun to revisit shows from our youth (some of them anyway) and watch new stuff that we haven’t seen before. When they are streamed we are in great shape as we will sit down and watch 3 or 4 episodes of a 20 minute comedy in a couple of hours. We focus on a series, get into the story lines, and literally watch an entire series in a few months.

So when I saw that Hulu+ had come to Apple TV I got all excited. Hey! A channel specifically dedicated to streaming tv shows! That’d be awesome!

Oh, was I wrong.

To be honest, I am not certain what the benefit of Hulu is. I guess if you missed an episode of a current tv show Hulu+ would be there as a backstop. But when it comes to old episodes, it is really hit or miss. For instance, Hulu+ had the last half a year or so of House but was missing earlier episodes. Seinfeld had the last season but only a few episodes per season for earlier stuff or snippets of shows, all of which were mixed together and hard to decipher what was what. I also have heard that you still have to watch commercials on the paid service, but I didn’t get that far as the incomplete seasons was a deal breaker.

It’s a real shame, honestly, as I was ready to throw money at the service.

Here’s what I’d like to see: a service that says for $10 per month you can watch all the movies and tv shows you want. I know that this isn’t really feasible for the studios so here’s the deal I’d try to make if I was running on my streaming service: I will only make available stuff that is 20 or more years old. The studios get to charge a premium for the “current” stuff and a service for the rest. Each month we’d get new content based on what was released 20 years ago that month. It’d be a great deal and provide plenty of excellent content.