When There’s Little Going On…

I have a fairly simple formula here on this blog. On Mondays I almost always write about something personal or some big picture thought. I have been working harder at not working on the weekends so find that by Sunday night or Monday morning my thoughts often drift back to something above the trees.

During the week, though, Tuesday through Thursday, I often find myself posting stuff I think is important. I rarely (in fact I can’t think of a time I ever have) just post to something and not comment. I figure you don’t come here to find the latest news — there are tons of sites for that — but instead you come here because I have an opinion about tech, mobile, product design and development, or running a company. On Friday I try to post about something off beat or fun, some oddity or video or thought that I find interesting.

Generally this formula works but then we have weeks like this. Really, nothing particularly comment-worthy (at least nothing for its own blog post) is going on. I could talk about the Samsung-Apple lawsuit but really, does anyone besides the press really care? If Apple wins, after all, Samsung will have to cough up a couple billion dollar slap on the wrist and then everyone can go right back to where they were before. I could talk about the Mars rover Curiosity. I find it fascinating but I’m not feeling all gushy about it like some people are. Space exploration doesn’t excite me like it should. Probably the most interesting tidbit to me is this whole Mat Honan got hacked thing, but to me all it demonstrates is that systems are strong until they’re not. And when they are not then we need to adjust. (Surprise! Human made systems aren’t fail proof!) Both Amazon and Apple seem to be adjusting their systems appropriately.

For days like this, where there really isn’t anything pressing to write about, I often keep a backlog of articles, stuff that’s important and interesting but not time critical. None of those are inspiring me this morning.

So here we are in this fine summer Wednesday typing away on my daily blog post, kind of aimless. It’s probably as a good a time as any to get to work.