Seeing Perfection

I was going to post on my impressions coming out of WWDC last week but I saw something last week that only 550,000 people have ever seen, and frankly, as a baseball fan, it doesn’t get much more awesome than this.

Last Wednesday night we thought we’d have a night out and go to a Giants game. They were playing the Astros, who haven’t been all that good of late but I expected at least a decent game. By the end of the second inning, though, it was clear the game was over. It was 5-0 and the Giants would go on to score at least one run in each of the first five innings.

But there was something else to celebrate this night. I started messaging with my wife back home after the second. Matt Cain, the Giants pitcher, wasn’t giving up any hits. 6 up, 6 down. 9 up, 9 down. 12 up, 12 down. By the ninth inning, with no Astro reaching base, the crowd of 42,000 was on the verge of seeing a perfect game.

For those that aren’t baseball fans, a perfect game is when 27 batters come to the plate and 27 batters are retired. No walks, no hits, no runners reach base at all. In the history of baseball there have only been 21 of them before last Wednesday night.

About 3 billion people have seen major league baseball games in person over the last hundred years plus. I have seen between 50 and 100 games myself in my lifetime. I’ve seen some great games over the years, even got to go to the 1995 World Series to see my favorite team play in it for the first time since 1954. But seeing a perfect game will be hard to top.

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