Pitch Perfect: Learn How To Promote Your App To Bloggers

I read an excellent book last week called Pitch Perfect, written by Steven Sande and Erica Sadun  (iTunes, Amazon). It is a practical advise guide to pitching your app to bloggers and is well worth the money and time.

A few weeks ago I sat with a friend who got into mobile in 2008. We were talking about something or other and he commented that he often thinks about mobile really starting in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. All those companies and products that came before were just white noise.

In some ways he is right. Developing, shipping and marketing a product is completely different. In the old days we shipped to dozens of resellers with no review process, our prices ranged from $30-$160, and we marketed with traditional channels: ads in magazines, print articles and op-eds, emails and physical flyers to customers, promotion through distributors and partners, and in our case bundling.

Now, an expensive app is $4.99, all sales go through a handful of storefronts, and all the old methods of marketing are defunct.

And that’s why Steven’s and Erica’s book is so important. It gives each of us a first-hand look at what it takes to get today’s primary marketing channel — bloggers — to pay attention. Since Steven and Erica work for the popular blog TUAW, they see hundreds of these pitches every week and know the difference between a good one and bad one. That makes all the difference in this book as the advice and input is hands-on and practical.

I was honored to be asked to read an advance copy and contribute a quote. This is what I said:

There are tons of great mobile programming resources but very few great resources for app marketing. Erica and Steve do a fantastic job in their book Pitch Perfect explaining in detail the best way to raise awareness for your indie apps. I have virtual yellow highlighter all over my copy!
I mean every word of it. I highly recommend picking up a copy of your own!