Is Bipartisanship Bad For Us?

George Will is a funny duck. I usually agree with half of each one of his articles and disagree with the rest. This article, about subsidized student loans, is no exception. But I’m a sucker for contrarian thought and his opening two paragraphs make me think:

Bipartisanship, the supposed scarcity of which so distresses the high-minded, actually is disastrously prevalent.

Since 2001, it has produced No Child Left Behind, a counterproductive federal intrusion in primary and secondary education; the McCain-Feingold speech rationing law (the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act); an unfunded prescription drug entitlement; troublemaking by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; government-directed capitalism from theExport-Import Bank; crony capitalism from energy subsidies; unseemly agriculture and transportation bills; continuous bailouts of an unreformed Postal Service; housing subsidies; subsidies for state and local governments; and many other bipartisan deeds, including most appropriations bills.

Speaking of bipartisan snow jobs, I watched Inside Job last night. It’s a documentary about the financial crisis, wonderfully explained and presented. Well worth your time. Go watch it (NetflixAmazon) right now.