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powerOne version 3

When it rains it pours. Last night powerOne version 3 went into review and out of review in about five minutes. We are very excited to announce it is now available for you to download from the App Store. I detailed the new features here but for a quick list:

  • Graph function equations, bar graphs and scatter plots. Zoom, pan, trace and evaluate. Implemented into many bundled and Library templates plus the ability to add graphing to your own custom templates.
  • Advanced math including programmer’s math, complex numbers, matrices, calculus, and more.
  • VoiceOver support.
  • Designate templates as favorites.
  • Filter the template list on a category or your favorites.
  • Custom categories when creating your own templates.
  • iPad retina graphics.
  • Finally, our Lite versions get In App purchase. We have bundled our most popular templates and are offering them for an introductory price of $0.99 per pack. Topics cover graphing, finance, conversions, mortgages, statistics, investing and more. The advanced math functions mentioned above are also available.

This is a very exciting upgrade for us and think the features we added are the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae! I hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

Wait! But that’s not all!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce a special project we have been working on for more than a year. DEWALT Mobile Pro is a full-featured calculator and reference tool designed especially for construction professionals. It is a free app, including a fantastic construction calculator and various calculator templates for everyday area, length and volume computations. It also includes purchasable template packs that cover concrete, business math, carpentry and more.

DEWALT Mobile Pro was created in conjunction with two powerhouses in the industry. DEWALT, a division of Stanley, Black & Decker, is an amazing company with incredible name brand recognition in the construction trades. Their brands, including DEWALT, Stanley, Black & Decker, Price-Pfister and more, are all over every home improvement store I walk into. We also worked with Cengage Learning, the leaders in content publishing for the construction trades. Their reference and how-to books are on the shelf of construction professionals everywhere.

And this is why DEWALT Mobile Pro is such an exciting project. It isn’t every day we get to meld the brand name of a DEWALT with the content expertise of a Cengage into a fantastic app. I hope you will download it and check it out!

7 thoughts on “App Galore!

  1. Sounds great! 🙂 Does graphing include trend line eg linear, logarithm, cubic, polynomial, exponential etc; equation; regression w/ equation; and multiple error bars? Those are very important for science students but unfortunately, unavailable on any app especially office apps. 😦

    • You can graph any function available in the application in a function graph, including regressions. We have a number of templates that already include graphing plus we will add more. The stats templates include scatter plots, bar graphs and graph regression curves.


      • I’m not sure you understand what I mean and I’m not sure I understand you, heh. 😀
        Let me rephrase: can I make a table of x and y values, and expect the app to make a scatter/bar plot and add a trend line with equation, regression (how off are the values in forming the trend line), and error bar? You know, like in Excel or Numbers.

        If not, you should! I rather work on a PC/Mac rather than using CloudOn or OnLive Desktop.

      • Thanks! It’s not exactly like Excel or Numbers but I think they’ll work. Needs more color option though, adjust min/max x- and y- axis, and please embiggen the data window on the iPad 2–make it a table or something. Semi colons are not eye friendly. Don’t forget them error bars! One more thing, I cannot seem continue adding data if I’m multitasking–have to start from scratch again.


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