The iPad Isn’t Even As Good As My Three Year Old

Apparently I’m going to keep pounding on this point because I think it is really important.

Jim Dalrymple wrote yesterday, “The PC industry has spent an incredible amount of time and money trying to convince us that computers (netbooks or ultrabooks) are what we really want to use. The problem is, that’s not true.”

M.G. Siegler wrote on the topic, too. “The problem PC makers face (but most don’t seem to realize) is that using a computer is not a natural thing,” he wrote:

Much more natural is holding something in your hands and touching it to manipulate what’s on the screen. … The keyboard itself is unnatural. It’s something that kids have to take some time to learn because the letters are completely out of order.

Yes, keyboards are unnatural. I agree. And talking is natural. I agree with that, too. And touch! Touch is natural also.

But you know what else is natural? Using a freaking pen! Using a pen (or pencil or crayon) is actually one of the stages of childhood development, right there with touching, feeling and talking.

Can we have a freaking pen that works decent with an iPad, please???

4 thoughts on “The iPad Isn’t Even As Good As My Three Year Old

  1. Go to eBay and search for DAGi stylus. I have one for my android tablet and it works like a charm. My 3-year loves to draw on the tablet with it.

    • Thanks, Mounir. I’ll check it out. I want to write, though, like on a pad of paper and have my handwriting be legible. I’ve tried a few and so far utter fail.

      • I’ve tried many of the cheapo pens with large tips. None worked for me. DAGi, even though their pens are $20 ($79 at the Sprint store I noticed)…..their pens are great. Thin tip. I use my tablet for all note taking. Allows me to never lose my note papers, I can share it with people on my team, and all with recognizable handwriting.

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