Could Apple Announce iPhoto for iPad and Enhanced PhotoStream This Week?

A week and a half ago I wrote about how my biggest wish for iPad 3 is writing support. Through MG Siegler‘s blog I noticed an article by Neven Mrgan regarding better iPhoto support. John Gruber and Dan Benjamin also speculated on the topic in last week’s Talk Show.

First things first, it is unlikely that there will be enough to talk about, hardware-wise, to make iPad a launch unto itself. Something else has to be shown on stage and usually, as Gruber pointed out, it is software. So I like the idea of iPhoto for iPad being released at the same time as the iPad 3. (The other rumor floating around is a refreshed Apple TV but I doubt this would be a big focus unless Apple announces an Apple TV App Store.)

The question in the room, at least when it comes to iPhoto, is Photo Stream. As Mrgan comments, “Photo Stream is neat, but it’s not what everyone wants: it’s not cloud-based storage for all your photos, mirrored across all your devices.”

He’s right. Without the PhotoStream enhancements an iPad version of iPhoto is less useful. (Not useless, just less useful.) Personally, I’d like to see this improvement to PhotoStream. I want my photos and video accessible everywhere. I’d like to be able to mark certain photos as staying on the device and let others be accessible but live in the cloud. I’d like those photos in the cloud to sync with my local repository in iPhoto on my desktop. I’d like to be able to embed those videos and photos in blogs and other sites without having to download, copy, upload, etc. I’d even be willing to pay extra each year for such a service.

I find Apple’s occasional announcements to be a ton of fun and almost enjoy the speculation of what they will announce as much as the announcements themselves. So few companies in the tech space keep that mystery. I wish more did.