Apparently I Won’t Be Watching Warner Brothers Movies

Netflix Deal with Warner Brothers Includes Delay In Queues

In my on-going sequence of posts ridiculing Hollywood, we can add another chapter. Now you won’t even be able to add Warner Brothers movies to your Netflix queue until they have been released for purchase 28 days. Stupid.

For you movie executives who are paying attention, here is my process:

  1. Hear or read about a movie (see trailer, read Friday entertainment section of the paper, friend tells me, etc.)
  2. Add interesting movies to my Netflix queue
  3. Occasionally go to the theatre to see one of Netflix queue movies
  4. Wait for it to show up in my queue, make a buy/rent decision. If I saw it, I rate it and remove it.

My decision to buy your movie, rent your movie, even go to the theatre, is all predicated on my Netflix queue. It’s going to have to be really really really interesting for me to remember I want to go see it without it.

So, Warner Brothers, the odds of me ever seeing another one of your movies just approached zero.

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