Isn’t This Part of What OWS and Tea Party Are Fighting?

Tim O’Reilly: Why I’m fighting SOPA

Tim O’Reilly in an interview with Gigaom’s Colleen Taylor:

I talked with Nancy Pelosi about SOPA the other day, and she said that the experience with piracy is different for people in the movie industry. Maybe — I’m not a movie producer. But I do know that right now the entire content industry is facing massive systemic changes, and to claim that declining sales are because of piracy is so over the top. Any company that is providing great content online in a way that’s easy to use with a fair price has a booming business right now. The people who don’t are trying to fight that future.

So here we have this legislation, with all of these possible harms, to solve a problem that only exists in the minds of people who are afraid of the future. Why should the government be intervening on behalf of the people who aren’t getting with the program?

Isn’t this what we are all fed up with? Government doing the bidding of special interests, special interests that use government like it’s a personal shield against every affront that might affect its business. Isn’t this, at its core, what both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are upset about? Using money to influence markets and pervert government.

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