I Wish I’d Invented Kickstarter

If I could have invented any business over the past 15 years, I think it would have been Kickstarter.

We are a nation that was built on the promise that a single person could make a huge difference, that you have control of your destiny. But too often businesses are built to prey on our weaknesses, court us with tabloid-like sensationalism, or scare us with FUD [1].

Kickstarter embodies everything that is good about the American spirit. It is an enabler of ideas, making it possible for individuals or small companies to bring those ideas to market through revenues (not debts or capital). And this — helping ideas become products — is a noble endeavor.

There are other ideas out there that are wonderful and uplifting, too, but it is Kickstarter that captures my imagination.

[1] FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt