I Want a Movement to End Cables In My Living Room

Roku Streaming Stick adds streaming software to TVs, no box required 

If you are not familiar, Roku streams web-based content to your television. I used one for a very long time, especially to get Netflix and MLB.com on my TV instead of a computer in a room somewhere. Everything works with a remote control. This new device, just a stick that plugs into the back of certain television sets is even cooler. I love the idea that there are not even wires required, nothing sitting on a shelf, just a television set.

Over the past few years I ripped my entire collection of music, movies and TV shows to a hard drive and use iTunes, Apple’s sharing system and an Apple TV to stream that to my television set. This was an amazing breakthrough for me as I hated the massive number of shelves lined with cases. Now they are all on a 2 terabyte hard drive, all tucked away in the office out of site.

Seems to me the Roku stick is another step in the right direction, though. When we can get rid of the receivers and DVD players and Apple TV boxes and ridiculous number of cables and wires leading everywhere and collecting dust, I will be a very happy man.