Get Mad.

I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted with our government being more concerned about protecting its big donors than making this a country we can all be proud of. We have had this fight over PIPA and SOPA (a great video here that explains it all), two privacy bills that would let the government shut down YouTube, Facebook and other web sites when a third-party posts copyrighted material. Makes me want to go BitTorrent all my movies rather than pay for them.

And then this report hits Bloomberg two days ago that I am seeing in none of the media. The report says that the banks didn’t get bailed out to the tune of $700 billion as the government said it did. It got bailed out to the tune of $8 TRILLION with below market loans. What did the banks do with it? Turn it into a $13 billion profit, by the way, not to mention pay themselves exorbitant bonuses for their “good work.”

Every day passes and every day feels more like we are participating in the great American con job. Nothing to see here, our government says.

There is a revolt that is going to happen here sooner or later. Throughout history this country has never stood long for this lunacy. When the gap between rich and poor, the gap between better off and less-to-do, becomes wide enough, the tendons that bind this country together snap and a third-party rises from the ashes to correct the wrongs.

This one, Democrats and Republicans, isn’t going to go away.