Taking Responsibility

My eldest daughter started Kindergarten today. Laura is an exceedingly bright child who couldn’t be more excited about going to school. She is a fast study, has a strong memory and makes friends easily. I think she will do well both academically and socially.

This past year, my wife and I have made a number of very conscious decisions regarding our childrens’ educations. We considered and applied to a well respected private school but had decided, before she was wait listed, that it wasn’t the place we wanted her to go. At the same time we sold our house and moved to a better school district with a very well regarded public elementary school. She just left for her first day a half hour ago.

School has been a topic of conversation for the two of us ever since we had kids. My wife  is a retired elementary school teacher and I spent five years working with middle schools and high schools in math education. Each of us has a unique view of both the academic world and the business world.

As we have thought about this day, we have come to realize that the modern public education system, as it is today and will likely be over the next twenty years, is not a bad system. It does some things well and some things poorly. Most importantly, though, it must be treated as one piece of the puzzle. Unlike my parents generation Esther and I can’t drop our kids off in the morning, pick them up in the evening, and expect them to receive the breadth of education required to be productive members of society. We need to take charge. We need to be actively involved. And we need to make sure that what they aren’t getting in the classroom they are still getting.

This is a responsibility I am happy to hold.