The Art of the Move

It has been a crazy couple of months for me personally. We decided it was time to move. We had been in the previous house for 12 years and with my oldest daughter starting school this year and me doing more work in Portland, we decided the time was right.

We put the house on the market the end of April, sold it the end of May, found another house to purchase the following week. Getting a mortgage was interesting as Fannie Mae (and thus the banks since none think for themselves anymore) are really hostile toward people who own large percentages of companies, even if said company is a C corporation. We had a long close cycle as we didn’t know how long it would take us to find someplace new and finally closed and moved in this past weekend.

In the process I came up with four rules for how to handle a house move, depending on your wealth (whether actual or frame of mind). I’m an expert on this topic since I’ve moved over 16 times in my 38 years. You can figure out which category you fit into:

  1. Poor: pack all the boxes, rent a truck and/or get friends with trucks, load said truck yourself, move and unpack yourself.
  2. Moderate: pack all the boxes yourself but hire a moving company to move them and your furniture to the new location, unpack the boxes yourself.
  3. Wealthy: leave everything in the house, have the moving company pack up the house, move it and unpack it in the new location.
  4. Uber-Wealthy: give away everything in the old house, buy new stuff for the new house.
For the record, we picked #2.