Right Message, Right Time

Some times the right message comes across at exactly the right time. There have been many occasions over the years where I have been struggling with an issue or an approach, whether business or personal, and suddenly I will read something or watch something or the right person will call.

Twice this week this has happened. The first time I was thinking about a friend and thought I should email him. Later that day, without me sending my message, one appeared from him.

I have also been struggling for weeks how to talk about our new product — one I promise to introduce soon. It’s different than anything I have seen before so not easy to describe in words but one that plays well in a video. Of course to get people to invest two minutes in a video I first need to get them to read for 15 seconds on the site. I have been writing descriptions for weeks, sharing it with others, ripping them up.

And then I saw this video posted on someone else’s blog. I have seen this a few times — Steve Jobs talking about brand from 1997 or 1998 — before but suddenly it had impact. I find it funny when that happens.

2 thoughts on “Right Message, Right Time

  1. Nice video. In it, Steve Jobs impresses me in two ways: his ability to give a talk like that off the cuff, with no notes or slides. And his flexibilit. A few years after he said that Apple should not do ads that talk about Windows, he launched the “I’m a Mac” campaign. You have to be willing to revisit your own rules.

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