Nokia, HP and RIM, oh my!

Wow. What a week. Let’s summarize (oh, these are snarky):

  • HP announces webOS Everywhere strategy. Make way for new smartphones, updated smartphones, tablets, and… webOS coming to a PC near you. The last one is the shocker and barely discussed, but most pundits are taking it as HP divorcing Microsoft. As for me… I will be the only honest one. Who knows?
  • Meanwhile, it turns out, Microsoft doesn’t care so much about HP asking for a divorce because they were already in bed with Nokia. It appears that Nokia is dropping their go-their-own-way Meego and eventually Symbian in favor of being another Windows Phone 7 box. That’s a way to act like a market leader, Nokia. Grovel to the guy with 1.5% market share.
  • RIM apparently is working on making Android apps work on their tablets, which makes it possible to write WebWork apps, Adobe Air apps, Adobe Flash apps and Android apps all for the platform, not to mention BlackBerry OS. RIM’s starting to feel like the back-alley watch salesman. Don’t like that option? Here’s twenty more to choose from.
  • Apple keeps doing what they do: sell freakin’ devices. Rumors: over a million in the first day on Verizon. 1 million units! And guess what? Everyone is disappointed! (I wish I could be disappointed like that.)
  • And Google… oh wait. Google was quiet this week. I guess that was expected after elevating their CEO out of the building two weeks ago and announcing Android version 3 (Honeycomb).


What One Developer Heard

Now that I summarized the news, let me tell you what I heard this week as a developer:

Blah blah … Apple sold another million units to a bunch of people that didn’t have iPhones before on a new network that will net millions of new iPhone customers, some of which will buy my products… blah blah … HP webOS everywhere … blah blah … Android on RIM? Great. Don’t have to develop specifically for RIM anymore … blah blah … Windows Phone 7 on Nokia? Excellent. I now have four platforms to worry about instead of seven.


…And Then There Were Four

(Sorry, Genesis, I know I butchered the album title.) So that leaves us with four major platforms: iOS, Android, webOS and Windows Phone 7. That’s what I call a good week for developers. (Oh, wait. Unless of course you make your living developing for Symbian or BlackBerry or QNX or Windows Mobile or Palm OS or …)

6 thoughts on “Nokia, HP and RIM, oh my!

  1. I have high hopes that WebOS and PlayBook’s QNX may be similar enough that they can be lumped into one ‘platform.’

    Being able to write one app with minor changes that’ll work on multiple platforms easily could be a great boon for developers, and hence make more apps available, and hence make people more interested in the respective platforms.

  2. If you want to have a good chuckle, go and look at mshita’s old posts to the Mobile Portland list re: Nokia/Symbian.

    That guy is a spectacularly poor prognosticator.

  3. Glad to hear that Web OS is now a major platform! I haven’t actually seen a Web OS device, nor do I know anyone who has one (or wants one). I was beginning to think it might be a flop!

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