A Modicum of Success!

The good times continue here. Now we aren’t talking dollars to retire on, but it is nice to actually be able to pay the bills. I will be the first to tell you that making things happen in Apple’s App Store is hard to do, but for once we were out in front. Being on the iPad on day one with powerOne calculator was the best decision we have made in the last couple of years. A few more screen shots to commemorate the first two weeks of iPad App Store success:

We are #1 in the Finance category for both Top Paid and Top Grossing, we cracked the Top 100 for iPad Top Paid and Top Grossing overall, and because it is a universal app, it has also had a profound effect on our iPhone sales, pushing us as high as #12 in the Finance category for iPhone rankings.

On top of these nice sales, we were also — to our surprise — featured in a keynote slide by Larry Tesler this weekend at iPad Dev Camp in San Jose!

The best of all, though, is this picture. Me with my daughters, Laura (age 4) and Jenna (age 2), running powerOne on the iPad for the first time!

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