Adobe Flash, iPhone Invade My Dreams

I had this dream* last night that I was working on powerOne software calculator for iPhone at some kind of incubator for iPhone development. It was a huge space — like a convention hall — and had all kinds of people there from small companies to big ones. Apple folks were floating around the building.

All of a sudden I had a brainstorm how to solve the problem of Adobe Flash on an iPhone. I realized that we don’t really need Flash to run automatically in the browser but that I just wanted to see Flash content — like the videos on my family blog. So I came up with this idea of an app that you’d paste in a url. The app would parse the html, pull out the Flash videos and show boxes for each one. To see it, I’d just click on it. No plug-ins would be needed and Adobe already had the ability to run Flash on an iPhone anyway since it’s creating a developer environment for creating iPhone Flash apps.

Because the app was an app and not a browser plug-in, Apple wouldn’t care and it could use a customized WebKit parser/browser for the html to keep it within Apple’s terms of use. To make sure Apple was okay with it, it would be smart enough to only show videos.

At first I tried to get John Gruber’s attention to talk to him about it. For some reason John had an office right around the corner from my desk, but he was always on the phone or busy with people so couldn’t get his attention.

So I took it to the Adobe people who were elsewhere in the building. They LOVED the idea and started working on it right away, figuring this was a way into the App Store. They said they rewarded people for bringing them great ideas and said they’d drop off the 30″ Apple monitor later on.

I headed back to my desk and when I got there, the Apple reps were waiting for me. It was a woman — someone I seemed to know — and she took me off to a room where it was just me and a bunch of Apple people. They were mad and started grilling me about how I came up with the idea and why I would share it with Adobe. They threatened to kick me and Infinity Softworks out of the App Store and were discussing amongst themselves how to unwrap this mess.

And all I kept saying is, I just wanted to see the video of my children.

That’s when I woke up.

(* Yes, it really was a dream. The fact that I am dreaming about this stuff is probably the saddest part of the whole dream.)