A Weekend Without the Internet

My wife’s father and aunt grew up in Northeast California, almost at the Nevada border. It’s high desert country, lots of cattle and farming. The largest town in the area, Alturis, has a population of 3000. The nearest McDonald’s is in Klamath Falls or Susanville, each one and a half or two hours away.

We drive down every year over the Labor Day weekend. My wife, her brother and her aunt still own some property in a private area there and over that weekend is the property owners meeting. It’s a very pretty area. We saw deer running down Main Street. Lots of birds and pine trees.

But what we didn’t have was an Internet connection. My cell phone had EDGE network access, so I kept up to speed on the rest of the world, but I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to the motel’s wifi.

I intended to get some work done while we were there but almost everything I do depends on the web now. I write apps for the web, I write documents and do spreadsheets on the web. I’m used to being able to do a search when I need to, check email, Tweet and read news.

I did plan ahead, just in case, bringing a business book to read. At least in my work life, I’m really dependent on the Internet. Back home in Portland, Oregon, I never have a problem. I have some connection the entire time. But in the country it’s a different matter entirely.

Oh well. It’s good to check out occasionally.

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