Leaving the V, Entering the W

We are about to dip into the second half of the W.

When you talk to economists, they will tell you that there are three types of recessions: U, V and W. We are very used to V recessions in this country, where we quickly go into a recession and then quickly leave it. U recessions are where we enter a recession and we slowly hit the bottom and slowly leave the bottom before we recover. W, as you can tell, is two V recessions back-to-back.


And so the second half of this recession is about to hit and our government can’t do a thing about it.

To tell you the truth, it’s about time, too, that our government learned their lesson. Everyone is in recession except our state and federal governments. As much as we may want it to, as much as we don’t want to feel the pain, we must. No amount of regulation will help us. There will be recessions again.

No amount of government spending will help us. Congress has no idea how to spend money efficiently. They just know how to spend it.

I’m going to make one more prediction here, while I am making predictions. There will be a growing backlash against both the Republican and Democratic parties that will either absorb one of them or be a third-force to be reckoned with.

It’s a group of people who believe that the biggest threat to the USA is not Iran or our educational system or our trade deficit specifically. It’s ourselves. It’s our leadership’s inability to say no, to live within it’s means, and make the hard decisions. Our government’s responsibility is to help us help ourselves and then get out of the way. And it feels like our government is moving very rapidly to nanny state instead.

Greed and recessions and over-reaching are all apart of the endeavor of capitalism. They will happen again. And that’s okay because it means the system is working. When we don’t have greed and recessions and over-reaching, that’s when we should all be worried.

One thought on “Leaving the V, Entering the W

  1. I agree with your comments. I’ll add, too, that every society or overarching power out there has a life cycle, just like people do. They are born. They grow up. They live for a while. They decline and last of all, they die. They may be reborn into something else and the pain of the death and rebirth may be mild of excruciating but it always happens, nonetheless.

    Great blog, too. Keep up the great work.


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