Having Business Problems? Keep Going.

The economy stinks everywhere (unless you sell Big Mac’s). The U.S.’ GDP shrank by over 6% last quarter, getting worse. Unemployment is spiking, 10% here in Oregon. Pretty much every state government is looking to make massive services cuts and our federal government is spending money like it grows on trees, almost $2 trillion dollars in debt this year alone, which just makes me quizzy.

So… ya…. this is a pep talk.

We need to see the forest through the trees. We will see the other end of this mess.

When things are at their worst, that’s the easiest time to be down. It’s the easiest time to give up.

And I want to remind you (and me) that ALL businesses fail  — that’s 100%, folks — because the founders/owners/managers stopped.

Keep fighting. Keep moving forward, even when you get knocked back. Keep experimenting. And keep coming back to work the next day.