Loyalty Part 1

I have to admit that I have been taken aback a bit by the loyalty some of customers feel towards our products. In the past few months, as we have been collecting names and email addresses for our new FastFigures Mobile for iPhone product, a number of very familiar names have been popping up. Some have followed us from platform to platform. Others have been using our stuff on Palm or Windows Mobile devices and are now moving to iPhone or iPod Touch and don’t want to go without us. I have even heard from more than a few that have been carrying around an old device to use specifically with our powerOne software!

There were plenty of opportunities to walk away from this. For goodness sake, Infinity was practically dead at one point before the idea of FastFigures came back to me and a couple of us who are crazy enough to not take better offers decided to rebuild.

And it’s not just customers. Another employee stuck it out with me, riding Infinity from it’s peak to its trough and then being stubborn enough to not give up. Plus the previous investor who believed in the business and me enough to lend a hand when we needed it most.

Since I only know a few of your names and you know who you are, thanks! I hope you realize how much it means to me.

3 thoughts on “Loyalty Part 1

  1. I have used the various versions of PowerOne software, and am that loyal customer you speak of in your piece. I have also tried the web-based prototype of FastFigures (was intending to move to the iPhone, but you had not developed PowerOne for it). I am still using a Treo 680 with the old Palm interface SPECIFICALLY TO USE YOUR SOFTWARE! As I had spoken to you regarding the web-based Fastfigures, and my concern with web only accessibility, I decided to wait for the iPhone app. Now, however, I am looking at the new Palm device and software. Can you comment if youintend to write a version for it? It seems that it shoulod be fairly straight forward based upon their new architecture.

  2. I have used PowerOne finance for many years. It is an awesome program. I find it convenient. I switched to Blackberry last year and use PowerOne. When I moved to a Mac from a PC though I lost the ability to use it on my computer. I contacted the company and you introduced me to FastFigures.
    Infinity Softworks has always been there with fast and helpful answers. You are excellent in customer service. I would guess that most all of your customers tell people how to acquire PowerOne and how it will aid them in their business.
    Keep up the good work. Thank you!

  3. I use a windows mobile device and feel that your PowerOne calculator software is a “must have”. To be honest, I don’t really use it that much. BUT, when I do need to do a quick calculation its what I want at my fingertips. So, I hope you guys are able to stick around….

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