FastFigures Mobile for iPhone: An Introduction

We have had quite a few requests over the past few months for a version of powerOne (Finance or Graph or CRE) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The purpose of this entry is to lay out our plans for you at a high level and tell you how you can help us. One caveat, the plan could easily change between now and release and most likely will be broken into staged releases.

The Plan

  • We have begun the design process on a version of FastFigures that runs native (read: does not require an Internet connection) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We are currently calling it FastFigures Mobile. There will be components of it that will use an Internet connection, but this won’t be required for performing calculations.
  • Unlike powerOne, which was focused on traditional line-entry calculation, FastFigures is template-centric, with calculations available for business, personal and educational needs. A traditional calculator (the goal is both RPN and algebraic entry) will be included in every template.
  • We are emphasizing template creation and sharing with FastFigures. The goal is to develop hundreds if not thousands of various calculations that match all kinds of uses and needs. We will develop lots of them and hope that FastFigures users will do the same. Template creators have the option of keeping their template private or sharing them with the world. Over time, we hope, our emphasis internally will shift from writing templates to adding capabilities to make more powerful templates.
  • For the first time, template creation will expand to include all available data types (real numbers, decimal numbers, complex numbers, dates, matrices, tables, etc.). It will also offer multiple equations and other advanced features we have traditionally reserved for our own purposes. In short, the template creator you use is the template creator we use.
  • You will be able to save calculations and sync them to Through, you will be able to share reports generated from these calculations, make modifications, compare calculations, and review a portfolio of calculations you have kept on your clients.
  • We will be charging a one-time price for the offline version and a subscription for the online one. How much that is is yet to be determined. Given that, our goal is to get every iPhone and iPod Touch user to buy FastFigures Mobile.

How You Can Help

There are lots of questions still to be answered, from the nitty-gritty of features to the big decisions like pricing. You can help in two ways:

  1. Tell us you want to hear from us. You will receive occasional notifications about our progress, get special sneak peaks at the software and get the chance to influence our direction.
  2. Tell others who might be interested. We are a small company. Your willingness to tell friends and co-workers about FastFigures will make a huge difference.

If you haven’t already signed up for information on FastFigures Mobile for iPhone, please do so by sending us an email from here:

5 thoughts on “FastFigures Mobile for iPhone: An Introduction

  1. w0000t!!! Can’t wait to see the beta. You might check out “Go Figure” in the app store. Same concept you describe but very poor implementation.

    As for what I want. Looks like PowerOne is RPN MUST HAVE TVM, Depreciation, Margin, Markup and you got at least 1 sale!


  2. As a long time user of Palm products, and of FCPlus Pro vs 2.3 … I’m beginning to evaluate the iPod Touch as my next PDA. Need to have a “basic” (like FCPlus Pro or PowerOne) financial “12C” like calculator. RPN … TVM, Currency conversion (and other conversions), etc. After reading the product plan/description, it looks like you are going to add many more features/options than what I’ll need/use/want. I hope you’ll have a base product which emulates the FCPlus Pro features/functions … and then build up from there (i.e., I’m doubtful I’ll need/want more than a base functioning 12C like financial calculator … don’t make your product “too” complicated or you’ll lose me!).

  3. Tom and Mark, I anticipate all of those things will be available. Initially, we won’t be adding auto updated currencies (you can manually enter them) but in time we hope to add that as well.

    Mark, I don’t think you will find it too complicated at all. The basic templates that you are familiar with from FCPlus (or powerOne Finance) will be included when you download from the AppStore (things like TVM, Cash Flows, conversions, markups, etc.). If you want more templates, we’ll give you a way to access them. And if you want to create your own, you will have a way to do it from the web version.

    The only major difference will be the calculator. Instead of it being the first screen that appears when you run the application, it will be one of the templates.

  4. I am assuming the interface elements will be similar to the BlackBerry. Rather than a calculator you have a list of templates. This concept is growing on me. I have used PowerOne for the Pocket PC and Palm based devices for years. What’s interesting is that I always look for a template to start with after starting the application. This is one of those I did not know I wanted it until I saw it. Installing it on the BlackBerry for trial purposes opened a new door for me.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you have for the iPhone.

  5. Hi Terry,

    Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoy the template-first approach. Yes, the iPhone version will be more like the BlackBerry version.


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