Shut Up and Listen

I have been enjoying the past few months as I have had the opportunity to shut up and listen.

We started on FastFigures because we saw an opportunity to support a wider array of smartphones than ever before, in particular the iPhone. When we started FastFigures, Apple was steadfastly claiming no third-party applications. The only way was in the browser. Far into the project — too far to turn back — and Apple changed their mind. But it gave me the opportunity to look at what we do differently. What does it mean when we can not only run the numbers but we can save them and share them? And that led me to…

It got me to thinking back over years of customer feedback. And it got me to go listen to a bunch of our customers and it got me to talk to potential beta users. And it has led me to get excited about the opportunities in front of us again and it has led me to see a way to take calculation and make it far more meaningful for both our customers and our customers’ customers.

Where does this go? I don’t know exactly. But what do I do now? That’s easy and obvious. Talk to more potential customers. I like how it’s shaping my thinking so far.

4 thoughts on “Shut Up and Listen

  1. So you are going to port PowerOne to the iPhone? I sure hope so. I tried FastFigures and it did not give me the same experience that PowerOne gave me on the Pocket PC and Palm. Add a Native iPhone Client with Web Sharing of data capabilities, that would be huge.

    I for one would pay to have the PowerOne Experience on the iPhone.

  2. I’d also pay for PowerOne on the iPhone (or, more accurately, the iPod Touch). I think a lot of people will be migrating to an iPhone or iPod Touch and are hoping their favorite Palm software will ultimately be available for that platform.

  3. Add me to the list (but you already knew that). I love PowerOne and the iPhone. The lack of functional RPN financial calculators in the iTunes store AMAZES me. You guys have a great product – It needs to be in the iTunes store!

  4. I check the App Store daily for something comparable to powerOne CRE. Is there any chance that we will have the real thing soon?

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