Introducing FastFigures, Web-based Calculation and Reporting

This week Infinity Softworks officially rolled out FastFigures. FastFigures, a web service, is designed for professionals and students who perform calculations and share results with clients and colleagues. It combines our powerOne software calculator experience with customized, sharable reports and the Internet for access anywhere.

Some features we are most excited about:

  • The template format we invented works really well for what-if analysis. So we didn’t change it. Calculation templates show all the data at the same time, offering the ability to calculate different variables easily. For instance, if I want to know my monthly payment on a house, I calculate that variable in the Mortgage template. If I want to know how much house I can afford with a different monthly payment, I can calculate that in the same template.
  • Easily add your own templates. Although we are constantly creating calculation templates that are designed for real estate, financial and investment services, construction, math, science and engineering, you are welcome to create your own. You can even choose to share them or keep them private. Creating a template is easy and can include all kinds of data types — real numbers, fractions, tables, lists, dates and more — and be built with hundreds of pre-created functions.
  • Access FastFigures from your desktop, laptop or smartphone. We designed both a “standard” version of the site and a mobile version. It works really well with Windows and Macintosh, iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows Mobile devices, Palm Treo, Centro and T|X, and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Save your data. For years we have been asked to save the calculations so our customers can keep a record for instant recall and calculation comparison. Not only do we save the last calculation, but we also keep a history of calculations for you as well, all of which can be recalled from both computer and smartphone.
  • Share a report. This is my favorite. Saving the data also generates a professional report, which can be shared with clients and colleagues. No waiting! The report can be created right in the field or at your desk so your client’s have it instantly and you don’t have to add “create report” to your to-do list! And better yet, the report can be customized. Pick different layouts, add your own logo, contact information, and even change the image.

We’ve designed FastFigures to be fast, fun, simple and easy. And best of all, it’s free during beta. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Please visit FastFigures from your desktop or laptop computer:

Or visit FastFigures from your smartphone: