Doing The Right Thing

If you didn’t catch this amazing story about the softball player who injured her knee after hitting her first career home run, check it out. She was so excited when she reached first that she missed the bag and ripped her ACL when she tried to stop. She couldn’t walk let alone run the bases and, as rules go, her own team couldn’t help. So two players from the opposing team, a team that was fighting for their playoff lives, picked her up and carried her around the bases. Home run!

Too often, it is easy to do what is expedient and not what’s right. Too often, it’s easy to do what benefits me no matter the impact on them.

Business, like sports, is a lot like this. It can be us win and them lose. It would have been easy for the opposing team to leave her there with a single. Hey, that’s the breaks after all. That’s how the game is played. No one said anything when the ump missed the call at second. What goes around comes around.

Except what goes around comes around in both directions. I can only guess how much good mojo these two opposing players picked up with that one. And I can only hope that my two young girls grow up to be the kinds of people who would pick an opposing player up and carry her around the bases.