The Next Era Has Begun

Last night, I was going through some computer documents and happened upon a stream-of-consciousness I wrote in January on a return trip from a Florida vacation. That trip culminated the end of Infinity Softworks II. Two weeks later, we had started working on Infinity Softworks III — but I didn’t know that yet.

Let me explain. Infinity Softworks I culminated the years 1997-2001. During that time, our main focus was on financial applications for handhelds: calculator, money tracking, investment tracking, etc. The company was run like a commercial shareware business. There were never more than three or four associated with the company, and for a chunk of the time it was just me.

Infinity Softworks II ran from 2001 through 2006. During this era we built a business plan, raised money, grew the number of employees and focused on verticalizing our business. We spent some time focused on real estate but never really committed to it. We spent most of this time focused on education. Most of this era was spent in handhelds but the latter two years was focused on web-based products for math education.

Our time ran out in December, 2006. We were running out of cash and no longer had a clear business vision. Infinity Softworks III began in January, 2007 as we 1) received the largest order in the history of the company, 2) decided to develop a BlackBerry version of our software, and 3) streamline and improve the existing Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Windows applications. We are set to dig into this new world of connected devices.

While the Infinity Softworks III era has just begun, I am starting to see some very interesting possibilities. I have been asking questions like, “How do our customers interact with their customers and how can this relationship be made more efficient?” It seems to me that the value of carrying around a small, connected computer is two fold: it helps me work and it helps me work more efficiently. But it seems that we are forgetting the efficiently part and focusing on the work more part.

Next week I will post the eulogy I wrote on that long flight home. I think it ties into my post on success and longevity and will give you some insight into this company. I hope to share more about this new future with you over time.

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