BlackBerry… Meet powerOne

I spent years trying to steer Infinity Softworks out of mobile computing.

When the stock market crashed in 2001 and then the terrorist attack later that year, people stopped buying handhelds. We spent years trying to prop ourselves up in the market. We tried to go vertical, developing products for real estate and education, but our attention was split and not enough devices were being bought to be successful. Then we tried to leave handheld computing and move to the web with an educational product. Ugh! While we had some success there it didn’t work out well.

It’s not that we left completely. We have had products for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Windows computers and have continued to talk with clients and watch progress. But I didn’t see the momentum building for mobile computing again until recently.

Now the BlackBerry smartphones are selling well and out of its traditional enterprise niche. A couple of popular Windows Mobile devices have come out that have revived interest. And of course the iPhone has made a lot of chins drag (sight unseen, mind you).

Our customers are starting to buy connected devices, smartphones if you will, instead of the disconnected handheld computers of yesteryear. And it struck me that with connected devices there is so much more we can do than with the disconnected ones.

With that, I am proud to introduce powerOne for BlackBerry devices. Our customers have gotten used to the ability to quickly and easily perform what-if analysis but we have added an extra dimension here. For the first time, we have made it possible to quickly and easily embed that calculation in an email report and send it from the device. No more waiting to go back to the office to send that quote. No more evening sessions of sending out the “thanks for meeting with me” messages. Now it can be handled quickly, easily and painlessly right from the device.

I hope this product is well received and is the beginning of great things we can do for mobile professionals everywhere. I know that I am brimming with ideas!