Pulling for RIM

I meant to write this morning and next thing I know it is this evening. That seems to be happening a lot lately. What I wanted to link to today was a great article by Michael Mace on Rebuilding RIM. In it Michael prescribes the steps moving forward for RIM. It is instructive for any big company in trouble, I think. In step 4, Create Differentiation, Michael advocates focusing on three core features that RIM can do better than anyone else. Michael’s writings on RIM very much match my own thoughts, although he is a little softer than I am. 🙂

I have a soft spot for RIM, although I’m not certain why. I really want to see this company survive and thrive. I’m pulling for them like I didn’t pull for Palm or Microsoft in the smartphone space. I think it is because, unlike everyone else in the mobile computing market, RIM is actually focused on a different group of people then the rest. They aren’t a consumer company; they are a company focused on busy professionals.

These are the same people I sell to. I acknowledge that the company went sideways, forgetting the date that brought them. But if a smart company like RIM can’t focus on the professional market and succeed then maybe none of us can.

One thought on “Pulling for RIM

  1. This is part of why I got another blackberry instead of an iPhone. I felt like I was putting my money where my mouth is. I hope they make it. The Curve and Bold might not be the sexiest around but they’re really great phones, and no one does a tactile keyboard better.

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